Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Prayer Room

Olper’s milk pack pajamas talk about how babies are born
Matching slippers enter the room with eh! Strange!? Boys?
Matching slippers leave the रूम


Eh! Boy? Again?
4 pairs of matching footwear lie around AttentivE
2 rest lazily under the feet
Hard juicy orange balls light up her wrists
How do you have sex???
The question floats around
Suddenly reminded of the class
Envelopes are de-creased
Red rides up the pajama’s neck
Bulbs have left their sockets
12 in all
4 on each side
2 on the top
1 shared by all three sides
Eyes of the three men pass after permission, with the men.
2 more
Pink clip sits like a bud to the left of the face, ready to be nipped
Hairy legs peep out of the envelope
Studded thongs on the feet hide some hair
Sparsely dyed orange nails match the lower envelope
Limo juice dupattas
Open door is shut by the guards
Prayer room is too tempting
Give in after Id
Tall lady with matching slippers passes the room
Study conversations happen all around
Glittering thongs crown the white skin
The green bag matches nothing.
It is not its dayWonder why it exists.
Find it a partner! So what if it is Ramzan?
The black hair stays unmoved
The smile touches the telephone
2 pairs lie ignored
Olper’s milk: Rs. 13 for 250 ml

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Imran said...

Interesting. Best of luck Vidhe....