Friday, 8 August 2008

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Overview of first review meeting

Overview of the first review meeting

The first review started with me explaining the project to John. We spoke about the potential end product which could be a book.
I had a sound project as well as a video/ animated film in mind.
I wanted to use Illustrations and did not want to use photographs except for reference purposes. I also wanted to use text, self written to be specific.

John :
Keep in mind the time constrains. Only two months left
Expert help can be undertaken for audio or video/animated film as long the concept and visualization is mine.
Narrow down your area of research
Think of the final product/ the entire package/ deliverable
It should follow in some way the conventions of visual communication design since that is the area of specialization.
The final product should be exemplary of your learning at Srishti.

- It is short time to take up a medium you are completely new to, since you’ll be unfamiliar with the nuances and the potential of the medium.
- You can do it, except the beauty of your project should not get downed by the lack of expertise in the medium.
- Think of the end product
- Funnel down your research and ideas to arrive at something that will best communicate your intent.
- Keep in mind the norms of your specialization (visual communication design)
Work towards simplicity and communicative value of the product
It is important to produce highly effective, self explanatory work.
Do not clutter information, because then the recall value will go down.
A book need not be a conventional book.
It is important to abstract the information. E.g. Invisible cities by Italo Calvino.
Something like a children’s encyclopedia

A parallel between people would be ideal for illustrations.
Since your style of illustrations has a hold on narratives you should boil down all the information into one simple idea and build a narrative around it.
Coffee and conversations: film to see
Keep a simple approach
Animation is possible depending on what kind of animation it is.

After having a look at the postcards and illustrations we concluded
Postcards will be a highly potent form for further exploration for the project.
We discussed few possibilities with the idea of postcards.
Conversations can be taken forward and also the illustrations.
Conversations can be backed by illustrations to form a series of postcards.

The first step would be to write a proposal that will form the structure of the project.

- Detailed timeline
- Resources
- Planning of the end product
- New research time period

The second step is to research on possibilities of the end product.
- Refer artists
- See similar art projects

By the next meeting I will be ready with

- working proposal
- illustration ideas
- end product ideation