Monday, 21 July 2008

Lahori Bachchey

young boys and young girls,
characters, plots and fantasy worlds,
loads of imagination.
young ladies in their mother's shoes
pilots and chaiwalas
nightgowns and pigtails
babys and babysitters,
frocks, chappals and handbags
a gubbarewala.
children in their many avatars.
four to fourteen,

from eight to ten.

Being away form my own country in a new place made me conscious and attentive of what I noticed around me. What distinguishes the children here from children elsewhere?
I have tried to maintain the nuances of their identity. This particular age group of children interests me the most because they present themselves oblivious of the correctness of appearance. The naivety pulls you towards the stories that surround them and engages you into a conversation with them.
This series is a conscious effort to express the city of Lahore from an individual point of view. These children have been my muse on a daily basis.

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