Monday, 21 July 2008


Baaji Naama as the name suggests [Naama - treatise, history] is a visual story of Baaji. Baaji is the lady responsible for cleaning the rooms at the hostel.

With course of time and situation I have become really close to her. She was the only person in this city that I was close to and had spent most amount of my time with. Baaji for me is representative of women I get inspired by because of the juxtaposition of values they live by and values people assume they possess.
This series is an ode to her personality and way of thanking her for all the love she has given me. Over time we have become confidants of each other and also cigarette buddies. I am often subjected to her epics of her life which are spoken in Punjabi. I understand only 30% of the story - telling.

The drawings have been done on orange paper, the colour I associate with the colour of her skin. Her body - Language amuses me and I thought it would make an appealing series. Pen and ink has been my favourite medium since a few years and is extremly apt for work that needs to be quick in order to preserve its charm. the fine line quality of the crow - quill pen offers the opportunity to add in great amount of detail without looking over - crowded and kitschy.

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